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Our story

We are passionate about providing bespoke lifestyle management services to esteemed clients worldwide.
With over 15 years of experience in luxury public venues and serving privately UHNWI around the globe, our dedicated team brings keen attention to details.

EPIC is a refined touch to every aspect of corporate or personal life. We extend a warm welcome to all prospective clients and esteemed members.
From managing residences, organizing events to handling travel itineraries, or searching for the very special present, we ensure perfection in every aspect of your daily needs.
Our multilingual proficiency and extensive training in the hospitality industry make us adapt at both formal and informal settings, offering a seamless experience for clients from every continent.

Throughout our journey, we’ve successfully managed projects across four continents, including major capitals, remote locations, and beautiful Caribbean islands. Our experience extends from Asia, Europe, to Africa and the Americas, providing a diverse range of expertise.
We believe in building lasting confidential relationships, providing top-notch service, tailored precisely to your expectations or beyond.
Whether you need estate management on or off-site, interior decoration sourcing, art & time pieces, traveling private assistant, we are committed to making a positive impact on your lifestyle with a smooth and dedicated approach.

Experience the difference with EPIC: Lifestyle management services where excellence meets dedication.
Simply email us for more information and to discover a journey of tailored services.
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